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HashWorld is the world’s first blockchain game with virtual economic qualities--a blockchain version of monopoly. You can play games to “mine” tokens and complete tasks to obtain high-value digital currency such as bitcoin! Then you can bid iconic lands around the world using your digital asset. Based on blockchain technology, HashWorld is able to guarantee that each piece of virtual land is unique, freehold, and free to trade. Come and become a millionaire in HashWorld!

Mine Tokens from Game

In HashWorld, you can easily “mine” tokens by playing games and thus get valuable tokens like BTC. Let HashWorld become your first wallet of digital assets.

Virtual Land Trade

With LBS, HashWorld builds up a virtual parallel world where users can use tokens to purchase lands which is unique and freehold.

Blockchian Learning Platform

You will understand blockchain by playing intellectual games. As the learning platform for common users, HashWorld is a place where you can understand blockchian.

What Can You Get

In HashWorld, you can obtain digital asset and purchase virtual land and also benefit from the appreciation of your virtual land.


Ever since its launch, HashWorld quickly swept the blockchain community and has been reported by several medium.

About us

HashWorld enjoys world-class core technical support, over 50% of team members are from Tsinghua University. Since launching, HashWorld has received millions investment from the world’s best investors.


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